Welcome to Belita Candles, Candle Accessories and Godparents Cards for Baptism, worship & religious celebration

Welcome to Belita’s new website. We’ve got all our regular products and we’ve made the site much simpler to use, even on tablets and smartphones.

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What Belita Offer

Belita supplies candles, candle accessories and Godparents’ cards for Baptism, worship and religious celebration. Belita’s products are personally sourced by us and our most popular line – Baptism candles and holders – was designed and created in house over 40 years ago by Belita’s founder, The Reverend Bernard Gribbin, now retired from parochial ministry.

Although Belita is a very traditional family run business, we aim to make our products available to as many places of worship as possible and our website is part of this commitment. We’ve kept everything clear and simple, with no surprises, pop-ups or unnecessary complications.

You can put your order together quickly and easily.

You can pay online by credit/debit card, via BACs or over the phone.